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Companies for Sale
29 Jun, 2018

Companies for Sale

Check here some of the opportunities we have at the moment of companies for sale in Portugal.

Mercal Consulting Group is a specialist in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions: Valuation, Purchase and Sale of Companies at national and international level.

Buying and selling companies requires expertise both in the conduct of the process and in maximizing the transaction value. Knowledge of the markets, the wide range of resources and tools used and the synergies obtained from the international network of consultants allow Mercal to optimize the success of transactions.


When we consider selling a business, the timmimg and the right opportunity are the key factors for the success of the transaction.


Through our tailor-made services and the know-how of our office network, we are able to effectively realize our clients’ strategies and minimize the risks involved in the acquisition process.

Acquisition process

As for the acquisition process, we developed a methodological proposal, with the elements that we consider essential in order to maximize the level of utility and value provided to the companies.

Throughout the process we will maintain maximum confidentiality and articulate all our actions with our clients, acting in accordance with the guidelines that are defined and in the full defense of their interests.

Work Methodology

For the development of this project in the following methodology we will obey the general sequence of actions that are strictly linked to the usual technical assistance tasks in this type of work, namely:

1) Definition of the acquisition criteria against the defined objectives as to the profile of the company to be acquired;

2) Selection of the applicant companies on the basis of a grid previously agreed with the company and according to the defined criteria;

3) Establishment of approach, confidential and personal contacts;

4) Analysis and evaluation report of the candidate company (s);

5) Due Diligence;

6) Allocation of an appropriate purchase price;

7) Conduct of negotiations and presentation of Non-Binding Proposal;

8) Preparation and execution of the contract for the purchase and sale of quotas or participations.

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