Since 1996 creating future partnerships.


Since 1996 that Mercal Consulting Group has been helping companies in the internationalization of their activities.

Mercal is integrated into the global IMCN network, with presence in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Mercal is considered the Best Portuguese Consultancy Company by the prestigious worldwide organizations.

We Internationalize your business

In an increasingly competitive and globalized market, companies need to reduce their dependence on domestic markets. It is also known that there is a direct relationship between the internationalization and the increase of the companies economic-financial performance.

Here are some reasons of why you should expand your company internationally:

• Expansion and diversification of markets;

• International competitiveness;

• Limited domestic market;

• Increase in Profits;

• Obtaining know-how and expanding networking;

• Make your brand global and improve your image in the domestic market.

International activities foster growth, improve competitiveness and create conditions for the long-term sustainability of companies.

Internationalization of your company:

Mercal Consulting Group proactively participates in the market in a continuous search for new global business opportunities that can boost your company and your international businesses.

In order to allow a sustained process, Mercal developed the BIM - International Marketing Plan™. The BIM™ will allow a fast and successful internationalization of your company.

Our aim is to establish strategic partnerships capable of providing operational complementarity to our clients.

We support the development of internationalization, export and investment projects in several international markets.

Internationalization strategy

We guarantee a successful and fast internationalization of your company in foreign markets. We provide support in the following activities:

  • Diagnosis of investment opportunities at international level
  • Identification and definition of strategic business partners
  • Strategic plans of export marketing
  • Outsourcing of processes
  • Support for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

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