Since 1996 creating future partnerships.


Since 1996 that Mercal Consulting Group has been helping companies by conducting their missions.

Mercal is integrated into the global IMCN network, with presence in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Mercal is considered the Best Consultancy Company by the prestigious worldwide organizations ACQ5 and Acquisition International.

Company Missions

MERCAL supports companies in exploring new markets through corporate missions, by finding new business partners, increasing their exports, generating business opportunities and partnerships, or implementing themselves in foreign markets.

The Corporate Missions organized by Mercal aim to provide the following benefits to the companies:

• Commercial and/or technological relationship with target markets;

• Knowing practices adopted in companies and/or reference markets;

• Allow companies to contact with new markets;

• Develop the presence of companies in the global market.

Next we identify our methodology for the Business Missions.

1. Customer Activity Evaluation

First days after the signature of the contract for the accomplishment of Business Missions:

A) The work begins with a meeting of Mercal with the client in order to capture in full the identified need and the expectations that the client have. The profile of the local partners to be identified is defined;

B) Together with the client, a dozen more technical and relevant questions are established, whose answers will allow him to be better prepared for the reality of the country and for the meetings with candidates for local partners;

C) Passing all Mercal information to its local Delegate;

D) Open discussion about the complete understanding of the interests of the client and the profile of the partner, besides the analysis of each one of the questions that are intended to be answered.

2. Analysis of the Sector and Contacts

This is Mercal's greatest added value. The perception of local reality, the notion of how the opportunity presented by the Portuguese client can be optimized locally and how it can offer value to potential local partners.

It’s created a business model on how the customer can function in the destination country.

With this guidance, our local Delegates will present the opportunity that suits them best. Therefore, they will first identify the most relevant companies with the potential to work with our client.

Personal communication and the direct contact are at the basis of the work, since it is the people who make the companies and their Delegates who carry out the business. Correspondingly, we’re going to talk with as many relevant people in the client industry as we can.

This intensive contact will provide many opportunities, but some might not be considered at first. Mercal will analyse the viability of the opportunities raised and present them to its client.

From crossing all the information obtained, Mercal will present a Report that will support the client in its decisions.

3. Plan of Action for Business Missions

The plan is presented until two months after the beginning of the work according to the following contents:

1. Introduction;

2. Presentation of the destination country;

3. Customer Sector;

a. How the Sector works in the destination country;

b. Potential Clients and Partners;

4. Meeting Plan;

5. Conclusions.

4. Meetings Schedule

Together with the client and based on the information presented in the Stock Plan, a plan for the client's visit to the country will be defined.

In order to optimize the opportunity, you’ll begin to design the visit plan after the Intermediate Report, which will allow you to have more time for booking airplane tickets and hotels.

5. Visit

The client's manager will spend 2 or 3 days in the country, visiting the contacts together with the Delegate. Usually the meetings are in the capital.

Only in exceptional situations is it not so. The costs of transportation, accommodation and meals of the Delegate are borne by the client.

6. Feedback Report

Immediately after the client's return to Portugal, the local Mercal Delegate gets in touch with the companies that met with the client, in order to understand the real interest that the opportunity has generated in the companies and the conditions for the project to be able to move forward.

This report is then immediately sent to the customer.


Sometimes there is the customer's interest that our local Delegate continue the activity of maintenance or representation of the client in the country, someone that faces the company, and that may even have an e-mail and a business card from the client.

  • Mercal will be able to satisfy all the needs and desires of its client by providing a personalized follow-up.

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