Since 1996 creating future partnerships.


Since 1996 that Mercal Consulting Group has enabled companies to outsource their Internationalization processes.

Mercal is integrated into the global IMCN network, with presence in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Mercal is considered the Best Consultancy Company by the prestigious worldwide organizations.


Mercal allows companies to outsource their Internationalization processes, minimizing investments and thus ensuring the internationalization of their activity.

Outsourcing also allows companies to enter new markets through an adequate professionalization of management and processes.

The internationalization process is supported in multidisciplinary commercial networks with presence in the local market where the company intends to invest.

The internationalization process requires attention, and sometimes creates an insecurity environment for the entrepreneur, in particular by the barriers that he may face.

Mercal based on its experience uses its resources efficiently, since it has the immediate capacity to respond to the needs revealed by each company.

Thus, avoiding the investment in additional structures or resources to support its internationalization process.

Assists Companies to Outsource

In support of Internationalization:

We manage the international department of the company, in Outsourcing;

Access to distribution networks for the entry of markets where Mercal has commercial representatives.

Entry into distribution networks

At the Outsourcing level, we also help in the entry into distribution networks:

  • We provide the introduction of the company's products or services in international distribution circuits giving all local support.
  • We elaborate the Commercial Plan - Analysis of the product, price, existing sales channels and defining of the most suitable positioning.
  • We assure the competitiveness of the product to the service and the accomplishment of business.

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