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07 Dec, 2016

Export to China

  • We help your company export to China.

The Chinese market in the context of the global economy continues to perform well in economic and social terms and provides an excellent opportunity for the internationalization of national entrepreneurs.

An excellent opportunity for your company to export to China, export differentiated marketable products, as well as procurement. Facilitating access to the existing resources and capacities available at the level of different sectors. Either in a potential relocation of industrial units or establishment of joint ventures with local partners.

There are already some projects developed by Mercal to support the internationalization of European and national companies, using our associated consultants and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In these projects, it is important to highlight the benefits brought to companies. Without prejudice to the exigency and complexity that the market presents and its subsequent barriers, of social, cultural nature. This requires a multicultural management, for an adequate use of the opportunities offered.

Check out some projects in which Mercal participated and the type of local support we have provided with the respective results obtained.

We can provide everything from supporting your company to export to China, to setting up branches and establishing joint ventures. Through the careful definition and selection of partners and the facilitation of market access in an appropriate and rapid manner.

Meet here all of our services in support of internationalization. Mercal is part of the international IMCN network, with consultants representing Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Export to China and other forms of internationalization

At the export level, there are excellent opportunities at the moment for your company to export to china, among which we refer to Wine. At the moment China is already the fifth largest consumer of wine. As well as Juices, Meats (bovine, chicken and pork), Coffee, Footwear, Soy, and cellulose.

It is also worth noting that 80% of exports to the Chinese are iron ore, soy, oil and cellulose. There are also excellent opportunities for your company to export to China.

Given the large size and growth of the Chinese economy, there is great potential for export to other type products and services.

It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. China has grown by 7.5% in recent years, a figure higher than that recorded by the world’s largest economies. China’s GDP recorded $ 10.3 trillion or 67.67 trillion yuan in 2015. It thus became the world’s second largest economy. Today, the Chinese economy accounts for 15% of the world economy.


Other Methods for Company Assessment

In 1990, it opened the economy to the market, in line with the globalized world.

China is the main international producer of corn, rice, and food: 510 million pigs, 460 million tons of grain.

It  has invested in recent years in the area of education.

It has invested in infrastructures (highways, railways, airports and public buildings).

Iron ore, coal and oil have been targeted by China.

Public control of wages and labour laws. Through these measures companies have a reduced cost with human resources (wages are reduced), making the products produced in china the cheapest in the world.

Entry of international capital into the Chinese market. A number of multinational companies have set up and continue to set up subsidiaries in this country, with the aim of achieving low production costs, abundant labour and a large consumer market.

There are public incentives for investment in technology production in China.

China is part of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which also joins Japan, Australia, Russia, the United States, Canada, Chile and other countries.

It is one of the leading international importers of raw materials.

  • Public debt: US $ 4.8 trillion (in 2015).
  • Public deficit (percentage of GDP): 2.74% (in 2015).
  • Inflation: 2.3% (March 2016).
  • GDP in the first quarter of 2016: growth of 6.7% (compared to the same quarter of 2015).
  • GDP in the second quarter of 2016: growth of 6.7% (compared to the same quarter of 2015).



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