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Mercal Consulting Group provides services to companies under the PER - Special Revitalization Plan.

Mercal was founded in 1996 and is integrated into the IMCN global network with an international presence.

Mercal is considered the Best Portuguese Consultancy Company by prestigious worldwide organizations.

PER – Special Revitalization Plan

We have a Special Revitalization Plan for your Company!

The Special Revitalization Plan was approved by Law no. 16/2012, of April 20. Having amended the Code of Insolvency and Recovery of Companies (CIRE), affixing it to the economic needs lived in Portugal.

The PER strengthens the recovery of debtors in difficult economic situations, whenever this seems possible. It was created for the preservation of the Portuguese economic and business fabric.

The PER is intended for companies that are pre-insolvent or have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations. It is necessary to appear before a court, together with a creditor, your intention to save the company.

Through the special revitalization process the companies get a maximum of three months to organize the recovery plan. During this period, no creditor can exercise its privileges. Since debt collection actions - including the state itself - are suspended.

Advantages of PER – The Special Revitalization Plan

• During the negotiations, the ongoing actions are suspended, and they will be cancelled as soon as the recovery plan is approved and accredited;

• Previously required insolvency proceedings are suspended and will be cancelled as soon as the recovery plan is approved and accredited;

• The debtor entity continues to be able to manage its assets;

• The special revitalization plan is fast.

Our services

Through a multidisciplinary team consisting of Economists, Lawyers and Judicial Administrators, we have developed the following services:

  • Diagnosis of the company, its current situation and prospects for future evolution.
  • Elaboration of Economic and Financial Forecast Studies.
  • Negotiation of the Restructuring Plan with creditors.
  • Follow-up of the Special Revitalization Plan, ensuring compliance.

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