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Mercal Consulting Group provides services under the SIREVE - Business Recovery System.

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SIREVE – We recover your company

Get to know the System of Recovery of Companies by the Extrajudicial way!

Within the scope of the Revitalize Program, two procedural mechanisms were created to provide entrepreneurs with an adequate legal framework for the recovery of companies in difficulty: The Special Revitalization Process (PER) and the System for the Recovery of Companies by Extrajudicial Way (SIREVE).

On August 3, Law Decree No. 178/2012 was published which establishes the procedure to promote the extrajudicial recovery of companies.

SIREVE is made by agreement between the company and all or some of its creditors that represent at least 50% of the total of its debts and that allows the viability of the company. Procedure titled SIREVE - System of Recovery of Companies by Extrajudicial Way.

Changes to SIREVE

For a more effective program several changes were made in relation to the previous legal framework, among which:

• Decrease in the deadlines for the end of the negotiation process: Up to 4 months;

• Design of instruments to protect debtors and creditors during the negotiation process;

• Creation of repayment plans plus benefits for debtor entities.

Our services

Through a qualified and experienced team, we promote the financial restructuring and the viability of the company, in SIREVE, through a methodology that goes through the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of the company, assessing its current situation, ensuring compliance with legally imposed requirements.
  • Definition of the options regarding the future business model, financing needs and financial restructuring.
  • Elaboration of the Business Plan and Financial Restructuring.
  • Presentation of the Application to SIREVE, with IAPMEI.
  • Follow up of the whole process until its conclusion.
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