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Golden Visa
28 Jul, 2017

Golden Visa Portugal

Get privileged access to Europe by obtaining residence in Portugal through the Golden Visa Portugal!

Mercal supports foreign investors who wish to invest in Portugal through the creation of companies, acquisition of real estate or transfer of capital, in order to obtain a residence permit in our country  and obtain freedom of movement in Europe.

To be granted the Golden Visa, it is necessary that you invest in Portugal, being able to invest through one of the following modality:

  • Establish a company that creates at least 10 jobs;
  • Transfer capital in an amount equal to or more than € 250,000.00 for investment;
  • Transfer capital amounting to € 500,000 or more for the purpose of acquiring units of investment funds or venture capital to support the capitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Transfer capital in an amount equal to or more than € 1,000,000;
  • Acquire property worth € 500,000 or more.

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How to invest in Portugal and have access to Golden Visa Program?

At Mercal, we have a personalized service meeting all the needs of those who want to invest, creating a company or through the acquisition of an existing company.

With regard to support for setting up businesses or businesses, we can support them in the levels of interest they have presented to us, both at national level and at European Union level, namely:

Support to the Establishment of the Company

Currently in Portugal the process of setting up a company is fast and can be carried out on time involving the preparation and execution of the following tasks:

  • Application for company name (RNPC);
  • Elaboration of the statutes;
  • Preparation and legalization of the documentation to be submitted by the partners;
  • Public deed of incorporation;
  • Publication in Diário da República;
  • Registration at the Registry of Legal Entities;
  • Declaration of Commencement of Activity;
  • Enrollment in Social Security;
  • Obtaining the Activity License (depending on the activity and sector).

Company Monitoring (Accounting Services in Outsourcing)

  • Preparation of financial statements: balance sheets, balance sheets and income statement;
  • Preparation of periodic tax returns;
  • Wage processing.

Incentives for Investment and Financing

  • In the scope of our services, we support to obtain for investment public grants in Portugal 2020;
  • Depending on the project, and according to the investment plan, we will fit the most suitable public grants and financial support.

Additional Services

  • Elaboration of contracts, obtaining residence, work and legalization visas for foreign workers;
  • Recruitment and selection of workers, more or less qualified;
  • Legal, contractual, corporate, tax and labor counseling.

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Mercal is considered by international entities as the best Portuguese advisor and consulting company.

Created in 1996, it is part of the international IMCN network and is a privileged partner of important Portuguese entities such as IAPMEI, AICEP and others at European level such as the European Commission.

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