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Portugal 2020 Grants for Tourism
26 Mar, 2019

Portugal 2020 Tourism

How to obtain grants for Tourism projects in Portugal 2020?

Within Portugal 2020 and Turismo de Portugal, there are several lines of public grants that can support your project.

How to know which line of public grants that is most suitable and advantageous for your project?

The framing of your project and the choice of grants line will depend on the answer to the following questions:

What are the objectives of the project?
What is the investment location?
What is the total amount of investment planned?
What is the type of investment?

1. Project Objectives

The objectives of the project are related to the activity to be developed. It could be a tourist accommodation project, for example for the construction of a 4-star hotel or for a tourism rural project, or a events company, travel agency, health tourism, among other types of tourism.

2. Place of Investment

The place of investment may be different from the place where the company is located. Because for framing and eligibility purposes, what is important is where the investment will be run. Depending on the investment location, the existing financing grants for the tourism sector may vary, as well as the existing conditions. As a rule, tourism projects in the interior of Portugal benefit from grants under more advantageous conditions.

3. Investment

There are lines that have limitations on the investment considered eligible, regards the minimum and the maximum investment.

4. Types of Investments

The type of investment relates to the type of investments you intend to make. For example, construction or remodeling, equipment and furniture, marketing, website, software, among other expenses. Depending on the type of investments, it will be possible to verify which grants application is best suited to the investment needs of your project.

Portugal 2020 Tourism Grants: Previous Factors

In order to obtain grants for Tourism, before submitting an application, you must have previously ensured the eligibility conditions of the company and the project.

Eligibility conditions are related to the economic and financial viability of the project and the sustainability of the project through a business plan and feasibility study. In investment projects where the architectural project is required, it must be underway or approved (depending on the grants system) by the respective council entity. The company must be legally constituted in Portugal at the date of the application.

If your project is at an early stage, it will be important at a first stage to know the existing public grants, to make the appropriate framework for your initiative, and to start preparing your application.

First start with the preparation of the feasibility study and business plan. At the same time you should also deal with the architecture project (if applicable).

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