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open a company in Portugal
09 Aug, 2017

Open company in Portugal

Learn how to open a company in Portugal and develop your business.

Do you have a business idea that you want to implement? The first step will be to know the types of companies that are possible to establish in Portugal and also the existing grants for investment in the field of Community funds, specifically Portugal 2020.

Under Portuguese law, companies may be formed in a singular or collective manner.

You can open a company  in Portugal collectively, through one of the following modality:

  • Society for Quotas;
  • Anonymous Society;
  • Society in Collective Name;
  • Sociedade em Comandita.

Once you take a position on the type of company you want to set up, it will be time to choose how you will create it.

The most commonly used method for setting up companies in Portugal is “company constitution on time”, where with eight steps, and in just 48 minutes, your company will be constituted.

In addition to this, you can also choose to open a company in a traditional way, being this method more bureaucratic, having, however, the advantage of having a personal contact with the technician facilitating the clarification of doubts.

Do you need more information? Contact us now! We help open companies in Portugal and obtain public grants for investment in accordance with EU funds and included in the Portugal 2020 Program.

Mercal supports foreign investors who wish to invest in Portugal. Learn more about the Golden Visa Program.

Public Grants to open a company in Portugal

In the framework of Portugal 2020 there are grants to support the creation of new companies. Depending on the projects, location and investment costs, this will be the incentive system where your initiative can be framed.

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