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Chain of Restaurants for Sale

Chain of Restaurants

Price €700.000 (negotiable) | Lisbon | Ref.ª 212

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river transport and maritime-tourism activity company for sale

River Transport Company

Price €2.867.000 (negotiable) | Algarve | Ref.ª 206

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Demolition, Excavation and Earthmoving Company for sale

Demolitions and Earthworks

Price €842.000 (negotiable) | Portugal | Ref.ª 147

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Empresa de consultoria de gestão e it

Consulting Company

Price €1.700.000 (negotiable) | Portugal | Ref.ª 84

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Sale of renowned luxury footwear industr

Luxury Footwear Industry

Value € 6.000.000 (negotiable) | North Region | Ref. 201

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Luxury furniture industry for sale

Luxury Furniture Industry

Value € 567.000 (negotiable) | Porto | Ref. 202

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Trade Company of electrical material and led lighting

Professional LED Lighting Trade

Price €1.900.000 (negotiable) | Braga | Ref.ª 204

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Venda de Empresa de Fabricação de alimentos homogeneizados e dietéticos

Production of Food and Dietetics

Price negotiable | Lisbon | Ref.ª 34

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Snack Manufacturing Company For Sale

Snack Manufacturing Company

Price €3.000.000 (negotiable) | Portugal | Ref.ª 34

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Wholesale Of Cabling And Telecommunications Systems

Cabling And Telecommunications

Price €1.620.000 (negotiable) | Portugal | Ref.ª 107

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Freight Transport Company

Freight Transport Company

Price €884.000 (negotiable) | Viseu | Ref.ª 179

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Civil Construction and windows frame industry

Civil Construction and Windows Industry

Price €3.790.000 (negotiable) | Portugal | Ref.ª 170

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Tire industry and trade company

Retail and Industry of Tires

Price negotiable | Azores

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Renewable Energy Engineering company for sale

Renewable Energy Company

Price €5.000.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Sale of an auto parts retail company

Retail of Auto Parts and Accessories

Price €1.067.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Building Engineering and Architecture Company for sale

Architecture and Engineering

Price €800.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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residential aged care home for sale

Residential Aged Care Home

Price €1.215.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Fruit and Vegetable Production Company for sale

Fruit and Vegetable Production

Price €725.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Retail of Building Materials Company for sale

Retail of Building Materials

Price €6.895.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Chinese Medicine Clinic

Price €755.000 (negotiable) | Porto

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Wholesale of consumer electronics for sale

Wholesale of consumer electronics

Price €4.650.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Waste Management Company

Waste Management Company

Price €5.229.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Dental Prosthesis Laboratory for sale

Dental Prosthesis Laboratory

Price €337.000 (negotiable) | Porto

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Logistics and Transport Company for sale in Portugal.

Logistics and Transport Company

Price €488.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Trade of steel products

Trade of steel products

Price negotiable | Portugal

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Trucking Company for sale

Ground Transportation

Price negotiable | Porto

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