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TIndustrial Equipment Trading Company

Trade of Industrial Equipment

Price €1.767.000 (negotiable) | Madeira

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Auto Parts and Accessories Company for sale

Trade of Auto Parts and Accessories

Price €3.724.000 (negotiable) | Setúbal

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Electricity and Telecommunications company for sale

Electricity and Telecommunications

Price €1.437.000 (negotiable) | Porto

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Venda de empresa de comércio de produtos farmacêuticos

Wholesale of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Price €4.200.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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Electronic Technical Assistance Company for sale

Electronic Technical Assistance

Price €474.000 (negotiable) | Leiria

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Furniture and Decoration Company for sale

Furniture & Decoration

Price €2.750.000 (negotiable) | Algarve

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wood industry for sale

Wood industry

Price €755,000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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meat slaughterhouse for sale

Meat slaughterhouse

Price €2.302.000 (negotiable) | Center Region  

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Trucking Company for sale

Trucking Company

Price €841.000 (negotiable) | Santarém

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Light Metalworking Industry

Light Metalworking Industry

Price €626.000 (negotiable) | Lisbon

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Wholesale Food Company for sale

Wholesale Food Company

Price €937.000 (negotiable) | Setubal

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Agricultural Trading Company for sale

Agricultural Trading Company

Price €574.000 (Negotiable) | Setúbal

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Restaurant and Snack Bar for Sale

Restaurant & Appetizers

Price €397.000 (negotiable) | Coimbra

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Retail of Building Materials for sale

Trade of Building Materials

Price €526.000 (negotiable) | Braga

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Food Industry for sale

Food Industry Company

Price €3.424.000 (negotiable) | Portugal

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retail & repair vehicle company for sale

Retail & Repair Vehicle Company

Price €5.681.000 (Negotiable) | Lisbon

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Production and Trade of Auto Accessories Comapny for sale

Production and Trade of Auto Accessories

Price €3.806.000 (Negotiable) | Lisbon

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Electronics & Appliances Retail Company for sale

Electronics & Appliances Retail

Price €618.000 (Negotiable) | Porto

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Food Trade Company for sale

Food Trade Company

Price €327.000 (Negotiable) | Lisbon

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Dental Clinic for sale

Dental Clinic

Price €2.225.000 (Negotiable) | Lisbon

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shopping Center for sale

Shopping Center

Price €900.000 (Negotiable) | Cascais

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IT company for Sale

IT Company

Price €2.240.000 (Negotiable)

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Gas Inspection Company for Sale

Gas Inspection Company

Price €2.935.000 (Negotiable) | Setúbal

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Coatings & Construction Company for sale

Coatings and Construction

Price €398.000 (Negotiable) | Porto

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