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Sale of a company in the IT sector, with strong connection to the banking sector.
The company has 28 years of activity and currently has a staff of 27 employees.
In 2019, the company annual revenue was above €1.483.000.
The company has an EBITDA over €465,000 in 2019.
Price €2.467.000 (Negotiable).

Excellent business opportunity

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Company data

A company in operation for over 28 years with the following information:

  • The company provides technical assistance, repair and maintenance services in the area of information and computer technology;
  • It is a company with a strong presence in the IT services market, having a strong know how and client portfolio in the banking sector;
  • It offers a wide range of services that include: Trade, application and maintenance of banking solutions; Repair of equipment modules; Service Provider; Projects and integration of equipment; Repair of equipment; Field & On-site Support; Direct support to on-site users in industrial environments; Asset Management; Help Desk & Contract Management.

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