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Sale of shopping center, with 20 stores, located about 3km from the center of Cascais, in a familiar locality with enough affluence, working about 20 years.
Some financial data of the company:
• Net Asset Value: €568,000.00
• IMI: €1900 / year
• Sales value: €900,000.00
• Profitability: €70,000 / year

Excellent business opportunity

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Company data

The Shopping Center has a diverse range of shops, including the following:

  • Shop citizen; Tabacaria with CTT station and scotturd agent; Coffee shop; Aesthetic clinic;
  • Natural products shop; Barber shop; Hair stylist; Podiatry office; Security company;
  • Real estate; Laser waxing; Osteopathy; Alternative medicines; Floors -1 and -2 lease to a church;

  • Parking for guests for 10 vehicles; Terrace 200m2 multi-uses.

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