Since 1996 creating future partnerships.


Since 1996 Mercal Consulting Group has been helping ou clients in the Merger, Acquisition and Valuation of Companies.

Mercal is integrated into the global IMCN network, with presence in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

Mercal is considered the Best Portuguese Consultancy Company by prestigious worldwide organizations.

Nº1 in Corporate Valuation

Mercal carries out the valuation of companies with high quality, analytical capacity, tactical and strategic advice in the support to the entrepreneur.

We help companies in the ongoing competitive challenge to have faster responses to the increasingly complex and ever-changing business environment.

Mercal goal is to help our clients achieve extraordinary results by promoting changes and implementing differentiating solutions.

Our performance it’s in this context, which includes the realization for future use of the Business Plan as an important negotiation tool and help for presentation to potential investors and interested funders.

Thus, we assist in the preparation of the Company Assessment report so as to answer:

• How much is your company worth?

• What is the maximum amount that can be paid by your company?

• What is the minimum acceptable value for negotiating it?

Corporate Valuation - Get Results

Our experience and knowledge about financial markets can help:

• In obtaining credit;

• In the preparation of feasibility studies and financial modelling of new projects or operations;

• In proposals to obtain credit according to the dynamics decision of the banks;

• In the strategic analysis for investment, structuring and financing of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts;

• Real estate financing;

• Financing via leasing.

Regarding the due diligence, we coordinate the execution of works involving:

• Analysis of the risks of the company's business, tax and labour aspects, environmental factors, and industrial or intellectual property.

Risk management is the differential for those who seek the quality of management with clients, suppliers, financial institutions, etc.

It is important to identify the risks and to intelligently seek to mitigate them, and prepare the post-acquisition process.

Success Methodology

The methodology followed in the Evaluation of Companies is in accordance with the objectives of the Company and the needs of the business project:

  • Survey of general data.
  • Diagnostics of companies.
  • Evaluation and quantification of options.
  • Feasibility Study of the Business Plan.
  • Elaboration of an Evaluation Report to delivery to the Client.

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