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We make applications for the Entrepreneurship and productive innovation.

Mercal is considered the Best Consultancy Company by prestigious worldwide organizations.

Mercal is integrated into the global IMCN network, with presence in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. It is a partner of prestigious entities.

Entrepreneurship and Productive Innovation

Mercal supports your company in the realization of its business plan and investment project, aiming at obtaining incentives for entrepreneurship and productive innovation, at both the national and international level.

In this Incentive System for Business Innovation, there are two types of projects:

• Productive Innovation;

• Qualified Entrepreneurship.

Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship

The Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship projects aim to assist entrepreneurs by supporting the emergence of new creative and innovative business opportunities and the creation of more companies.

Individual projects of Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship can be beneficiaries in the following typologies:

A. The creation of companies in sectors with a strong growth dynamics, including those integrated in creative and cultural industries, and/or sectors with a higher level of technology.

B. The creation of companies that apply R&D results in the production of new goods and services.

Productive Innovation

The projects of Productive Innovation intend to support investments in technological innovation. As well as projects that use competitive factors such as:

• Sophistication and marketing;

• The degree of distribution and marketing control;

• Entry into sophisticated markets;

• Customer focus;

• The creation of strong brands.

Financing Rates

The incentives to be granted under this support are calculated by applying to the eligible expenditure a maximum base rate of 35%, which may be increased by the following increases, and the overall rate may not exceed 75%.

Project and Application

The methodology adopted by Mercal to carry out its project and application, includes different stages:

  • Analysis and framing of the idea or project.
  • Definition of objectives and intended location (national or international).
  • Identification and selection of the most appropriate financing instruments.
  • Development of the Business Plan and the Investment Project and Feasibility Study.
  • Submission and follow-up of the application.
  • Technical assistance to the implementation of the projects.
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