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We have guaranteed a success rate of 97% in applications for non-refundable incentives under the PDR 2020.

Mercal Consulting Group is considered the Best Consultancy Company by the prestigious worldwide organizations ACQ5 and Acquisition International.

Mercal is part of the global IMCN network.

PDR 2020 – Non-Refundable Incentives

Under the PDR 2020, Mercal supports its company in the realization of its business plan and investment project, in order to obtain non-refundable incentives.

Incentives for Agriculture and Agro-industry are mainly intended for agricultural holdings and agro-industrial enterprises.

These instruments are intended to provide financial support to companies in the agro-food sector through non-refundable incentives and interest subsidies depending on the eligible investment.

The objectives of PDR 2020 are:
• Foster the process of modernization and competitiveness of companies in the agro-food sector;
• Boosting the competitiveness of the ranks, giving preference to strategies;
• Preserve and improve the environment, ensuring the harmony of investments with environmental and safety standards.

All material and non-material investments are eligible, such as:
• Acquisition, construction and remodelling of buildings;
• Acquisition of new machinery and equipment;
• Certification processes;
• Preparation of studies;
• Among others.

Non-refundable Incentive Rate in PDR 2020

• Non-refundable incentives between 30% and 70% of eligible investment expenses;

• Up to € 2 million per beneficiary;

• The reimbursable security in excess of that non-refundable support up to an additional maximum of € 2 million;

PDR 2020 applications

The methodology adopted by Mercal for the realization of its project and application for PDR 2020, includes different stages:

  • Analysis and framing of the idea or project.
  • Definition of objectives and intended location (national or international).
  • Identification and selection of the most appropriate financing instruments. Development of the Business Plan and the Investment Project and Feasibility Study.
  • Submission and follow-up of the application.
  • Technical assistance to the implementation of the projects.

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