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candidaturas portugal 2020
05 Dec, 2016

Portugal 2021 Applications

Check below if your project may qualify for the Incentive Systems under the Portugal 2021 Applications, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Get to know our services under the Portugal 2020 Applications. Get to know the different incentive systems as well.

SI – Productive Innovation

  1. Incorporation of a new company;
  2. Improve a business unit that already existed;
  3. Diversified production for goods not previously produced in the company;
  4. Significant modification of the production process;

SI – Qualified Entrepreneurship

  1. Formation of companies that carry out activities in sectors with a great growth, which includes those that integrate the creative and cultural industries, and or sectors with higher technological level;
  2. Formation of companies that apply R&D results in the manufacture of new goods and services.

Simplified Vouchers

  1. Hiring consulting services in the area of entrepreneurship, Innovation, or Internationalization, essential for the creation and development of companies, such as: the creation of business plans, and consulting services in the field of digital marketing.

Portugal 2021 Applications – PDR 2021

  • Investments in the Transformation and Commercialization of Agricultural Products:
  1. To support the process of modernization and the increase of competitiveness of the organizations of transformation and commercialization of agricultural goods.

SI – Research and Technological Development

  1. To support I&I in companies and their economic profitability;
  2. Creation of projects and activities in cooperation of companies with other entities of the R&I system;
  3. Design of new products and services;
  4. Implement economic profitability initiatives for R&D projects;
  5. Improve participation in national and international R&I initiatives.

Portugal 2021 Applications- MAR 2021

  • SI Processing of Fishery and Aquaculture Products:
  1. Contributing to energy saving or reducing the impact on the environment, including waste treatment;
  2. Improve safety, hygiene, health and working conditions;
  3. Support the processing of catches of commercial fish which cannot be used for human consumption;
  4. Processing of by-products resulting from major processing activities;
  5. Processing of organic aquaculture products;
  6. Give rise to new or improved products, new or improved processes, or new or improved management and organization systems.

SI – Sustainable Development of Aquaculture (Innovation Domain):

  1. Reduction of the impact of the activity on the environment;
  2. Reduction of the dependence of the consumption of flour and fish oil;
  3. Improvement of animal welfare or new sustainable production methods;
  4. Creation or placing on the market of new aquaculture species with good market potential;
  5. Introduction of new or substantially improved products;
  6. Introduction of new or improved processes;
  7. Creation of new or improved management and organization systems;
  8. Conduct studies of technical or economic feasibility of innovative products or processes.

SI – Sustainable Aquaculture Development (Field of Productive Investments):

  1. Productive investments in aquaculture, in particular the construction of new aquaculture production units or related establishments;
  2. Diversification of aquaculture production and cultivated species;
  3. Modernization of aquaculture production units or related establishments, including improvement of the working and safety conditions of aquaculture workers and the construction and modernization of vessels to support the activity;
  4. Improvement and modernization related to animal health and welfare, including the purchase of equipment to protect holdings from wild predators;
  5. Diversification of the income of aquaculture companies through the development of complementary activities;
  6. Improvement of product quality through the application of appropriate management techniques and the introduction of new technologies;
  7. Introduction of systems or processes that substantially reduce the negative impact, reinforce positive effects on the environment or increase resource efficiency;
  8. Installation of systems contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency or promoting the conversion of aquaculture enterprises to renewable energy sources;
  9. Investments in closed aquaculture systems where aquaculture products are exploited in closed recirculation systems, thereby minimizing the use of water.

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