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R&D Project: HIPERSea
28 Nov, 2019

R&D Project: HIPERSea

Our client A.Silva Matos, Metalomecânica, through her Chairman, Cláudia Matos Pinheiro, gave an interview to COMPETE 2020 and spoke about her experience and the investment project approved under the R&D Incentive System, in the area of co-operation.

The HIPERSea project involved an eligible investment of around € 2.7 million, corresponding to an incentive of € 1.7 million.

HIPERSea: Hyperbaric system

It is a research project that aims to develop and consolidate the value chain of marine bioremediation exploration, ranging from deep-sea capture to the surface captive reproduction.

These components will be: a hyperbaric mobile infrastructure that allows deep-sea living organisms to be harvested under conditions of high pressure, low temperature – or extremely high if near active volcanoes – and low light, and an infrastructure or mechanism that allows its transfer to another hyperbaric chamber, which will mimic the surface of the seabed at the relevant physical parameters. Overall the system proposed by this project will allow the maintenance of these organisms in controlled and easily accessible environments, not only to deepen the scientific knowledge of key deep sea organisms, but will also allow their use on an industrial scale.

Read the full article on COMPETE 2020.

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