Since 1996 creating future partnerships.

Founded in 1996, Mercal Consulting Group is an international consulting group, which is also integrated with IMCN (Independent Management Consultancies Network), a network of international consulting firms.

Mercal specializes in the areas of financial and investment advisory, M&A Advisory (buy-side and sell-side), investment projects and applications for EU Grants and Golden Visa.

Mercal Consulting Group has more than 25 years of experience and more than 1200 projects and operations developed nationally and internationally.

All the consultants and associates of the Mercal group have long experience, nationally and internationally. We deliver pragmatic solutions to our customers, enabling them to consistently achieve their business development goals.

We focus on results and offer innovation in order to find solutions to the many challenges faced.

IMCN - Consultancy Companies

In addition to its activities in these areas, Mercal Consulting Group, as mentioned above, is part of the IMCN - Independent Management Consultancies Network. Established in 1994 and headquartered in Switzerland, this network of dynamic management consulting firms consists of 220 professional management consultants and 110 associate management consultants with extensive experience in international projects.

Through its participation in this international network of consulting companies, Mercal Consulting Group is able to support the development of business on the four continents.

Mercal Consulting


Our Slogan

Since 1996 to creating future partnerships.

Our Mission

Develop ongoing relationships with our partners, based on trust and a work of excellence, promoting the growth of your business, nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

Be the best consulting group to generate value for our customers, partners, shareholders and employees.

Our Philosophy

We do not want a client for today. We build the future with you.

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“Mercal has developed for Missing Children Europe a project for the Accreditation of the 116-000 phone line in Portugal and Spain. The initiative made it possible to harmonize the activities of all the NGOs involved, to make the implementation feasible and to guarantee their sustainability, through obtaining funding.”

Missing Children Europe

“The developed international marketing project allowed AirFree to be more innovative and penetrative into several markets: Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, USA, Mexico, Canada and Brazil, the EAU and China.’’


’With Mercal support and help, Inosat has become a worldwide company. They are currently present in 26 countries and divided by 4 major regions: Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle East.’’


“The work developed by Mercal allowed the successful merger of the two cooperatives, increasing their competitiveness, making it a reference at national level and reinforcing their competitive position on the Iberian scale.’’

Agricultural Cooperative of Beja and Brinches

‘’The project developed by Mercal allowed the successful internationalization of the company to Mozambique through direct investment, as well as conferred its capacity to expand to the African Southern countries.’’

ASM Metal

“Mercal has developed a Strategic and Organizational Plan to prepare the company for the future challenges of business globalization. An International Marketing Plan was also developed through the identification of opportunities for internationalization, creating the necessary conditions for a direct investment process in Brazil.”

Live Place

“Mercal has developed a Strategic Plan for Marketing and Support to the Implementation of the commercial plan, providing the information system and direct marketing plans to support commercial and digital prospecting.’’


Through the FIEAE – Special Real Estate Fund for Business Support, feasibility and financial restructuring plans were carried out in more than forty companies, potential candidates and in all sectors of activity, involving financing of around 100 million euros. “

Portugal Tourism Funds

”Mercal supported IAPMEI in its Ideas and Means through a business plan, helping to make viable about a dozen companies that have been awarded and which are currently successful.”


”Mercal has developed a Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Study, involving to the national levels segments of distributors, dealers, installers and builders nationwide. This study was essential for the definition of Schneider Electric’s new Marketing Strategy.”

Schneider Electric

“With the project and successful application made by Mercal to Portugal 2020, it will allow the company to internationalize its activity in a competitive way for the target markets: Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.”


“The services provided by Mercal have enabled the NIGEL Group to increase its competitiveness, grow in international markets and benefit from investment incentives. NIGEL also obtained certification of several ISO systems: Environment, Health, Safety at Work and Food Safety.”


“The project allowed SARVINHOS to grow and increase its export capacity to its target markets: The United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Angola and China. SARVINHOS has also successfully obtained the certification of various ISO systems.”


“With the support of Mercal, the most attractive markets were identified, and it was possible to successfully implement the internationalization strategy that was defined for the markets: South Africa, Germany, Angola, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, South Korea, UAE, Egypt, USA, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, among others.”


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