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The Business Institute has more than 15 years of experience in the Interim Management. The Business Institute belongs to Mercal Consulting Group.

Mercal is considered to be the Best Consultancy Company by the prestigious worldwide organizations ACQ5 and Acquisition International.

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Interim Management for Companies

Interim Management consists of the temporary hiring of senior managers, with executive functions, aiming to develop a previously defined task or project.

It is a quick, flexible and effective solution when it comes to achieving concrete objectives, namely:

• To meet unexpected management needs, either for temporary replacement of staff or to complete a transition period;

• Implement a specific project, avoiding the permanent hiring of specialists, at a high price, without being sure of the return that can be obtained;

• Restructure and Reorganize;

• In Mergers and Acquisitions;

Interim Managers are highly specialized professionals with great experience in solving problems, formulating and executing strategies successfully.

They act as managers and consultants, and remain the necessary time to solve the problem initially defined, implement new strategies and develop mechanisms of continuity.

Interim Management Services

In the scope of Interim Management, we offer Interim Managers with specific skills, able to develop an effective intervention in the following management areas:

• Administrative and financial management;

• Internationalization of the Company;

• Launch of new businesses;

• Integration after a merger or acquisition;

• Disinvestment or closure;

• Profit improvement programs;

• Restructuring of the company or functional areas;

• Reorganization of processes or procedures;

• Cost reduction programs;

• Resolve urgent situations or special objectives;

• Project management;

• Provide unexpected or temporary management needs.

Advantages of the Interim Management Service

  • It does not create an employment relationship with SMEs.
  • Allows excellent performance for the pre-existence of clear objectives and timelines.
  • Provides high collaboration of the company's personnel structure - since Interim Manager will not be perpetuated in the position it will occupy in the company.
  • It is an instrument with total flexibility and with an excellent binomial in terms of benefit and results achieved and the cost to the SME.
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